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Microsofts re-design of Ipod Packaging

An interesting video i found on you-tube.
Looks like its been done in house microsoft, but whatever. . .seems like a pretty well done job, and does justice to microsofts packaging.

You can watch it here


Recognition Stunt!

A brilliant way to gain recognition!
This is a Coca-Cola poster realeased in the mid 80’s in Australia. The poster had to be re-called, and would’ve costed Coca-Cola nearly 200,000 dollars to re-print.
Why the re-print??
The Australian artist who drew the poster, added a little phallic image to the whole advert.
Well, reasons unknown to any of us, i feel it was a recognition stunt.
He was sued by the company, and lost his job, and the last we heard. . he opened up his own firm!
Now thats the way to make a mark!


How to ensure a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign – Mathematically

In Viral Marketing For the Real World (HBR, May 2007), Duncan Watts and Jonah Peretti described a simply way to make viral campaigns successful, even when they do not go past the ‘tipping point’.

This concept was first described in the book ‘Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwel. It basically describes how ideas spread, in a fashion similar to epidemics, with each person exposed to the idea sharing it with others, which turns into an ever-expanding circle of ‘infected’ people who become aware of the idea. The concept ‘Tipping Point’ itself ‘tipped’ among marketeers worldwide., albeit with the help of some good old-fashioned marketing techniques.

They Described the mathematics of the Tipping Point concept. The picture below shows how ideas ‘tip’ when the number of people exposed to it, also known as ‘seeds’, go on to infect another person with it.


However, if each seed fails to share it with at least two more people on the average, the Idea is doomed to never tip, making it a failure.


However, this problem can be solved by maximizing the numbers of ‘seeds’ which are reached at the initial stage.

The picture below illustrates the value of a high-seed campaign with the rate of reproduction below the Tipping Point – start with lots of seeds and the total number of people reached is still pretty high.


Source : HowDesign Magazine, June 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

An amazing ad i was put across!


Another reason to use Durex

Up ad Running

I’ve gotten off to a slow ‘but’ steady start, there were some things which got me off track, most importantly one of my close friends having met an accident. I’ve been busy running back and forth from the hospital.
Apart from that, past few days i’ve been hooked to this blog of a very young (elder to me off course) and knowledgeable award winning copywriter and journalist based in the U.A.E.
Farrukh Naeem.
You could check his blog out here

I’ve just been revising myself of the current and existing situation/trend/everything-to-do of Advertising in Dubai.
something I’ve always missed out on.

My blog’s starting to feature new pages, but I’m facing some problem uploading some pictures onto the page, which i should overcome in sometime.


As you must’ve already noticed, this is my first post over here. As of now, i am still exploring. This blog is mainly a showcase of my work, and everything related to it.Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, and my own experimental adventures.
It’s not long before i update the blog, but till then,
cheers to all!
keep visitng.