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Converse All Star ‘Design Your Own’ Campaign

This was a uni project for my 7th sem.
I’m sure everyone knows what an ‘All star’ is, well but just in case, heres a little about Converse.

Converse is an American shoe company which has been making shoes since the early 20th century. As of 2008, Converse also produces a wide range of occupational safety shoes that resemble their regular athletic shoes, which does not include the popular ‘Chuck Taylor’ style. Converse is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike.

The product i chose was the new ‘Design your own’ collection, a range of customizable shoes. The reason of my choice being lack of advertising.

The project started off slow paced and then picked up speed towards the middle. My strategy was based on a 3 ‘S’ theory, Shock, Suspense and Surprise. We’ll come back to that later.

Off course there are lots of colors to choose from, but I’ve worked on the basic ones, Red, White, Green and Black.

This is where you give the audience something they don’t expect. These are a set of 4 hoardings.




The second stage of the campaign. After shocking the audience, you really don’t want them to lose interest, so this is where you bring in something which keeps them on the edge of their seat, something that evokes the questioning factor, What?, How?, Where?.

The perfect way to bring in this stage would be pamphlets, two supplementary pamphlets to give away with news papers, slid under doorsteps.

The first one is a sort of a stencil, since my objective was to sell a customized shoe, I wanted it to blend in with everything, be it a picture of your loved one or a graffiti. Its yours!


Here’s the second one.




This is the Big Bang of the campaign, all your questions answered.
5 Print ads




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  Andy wrote @

Insane work man…keep it up.

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