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Youth Empowerment Seminar

This was a brochure i was working for YES (youth empowerment seminar), worked on it with Shreya Chugh, A highly Active member of the organization. It’s one of my first projects so you would be able to find quite a few mistakes if noticed carefully. But I’m putting it up anyways because i was too excited to be doing this, this was also where i first learned to use Illustrator.

It was meant to be printed and also used, but it got lost somewhere in translation, due to i don’t know what.


Here’s another project i worked on for AOL.
Here are some T-shirts i had designed for them.
I was given these quotes by Shreya Chugh, and was asked to come up with and design a few graphics relevant to the quotes. This was quite a recent one, mid-summers 2007.








  gbenga oyekunle wrote @

l love the last one with youth empowerment seminar. thanks.

  Kalpana wrote @

Hi there ,

good work on the YES! brochure. Is it possible to get a soft copy that we could use in our city?

JGd! Kalpana

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