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Fashion Art Design Academy ( FAD Academy) is an upcoming and new Design Institute in Pune. It has affiliations with Two major Design Schools in the Europe, Cavendish College London and Manchester Metropolitan University and was founded in 2007.

My Friend Rahul Khatri got me through to this client, who was looking for some fresh design talent for this project rather than stereotype design provided by the professionals. So two of my friends and me went up to the office. We were first given a very vague idea about the project and were asked to bring in some sketches for the branding of FAD, once we presented our work the next day, it was approved and we were chosen from i guess 3-4 other groups of young designers.
We really didn’t know it was going to be a project this large.

Getting our first opportunity to work on the branding, corporate identity, stationary and advertising of Pune’s first internationally recognized Design Institute, I was on the top of this world.

Through the time-span of this project (2 months) we learned a lot about managing our relationships with the client, multi-tasking and a lot more. As 3rd year students with their first big-time project in hand, we were put through some really hard times. We mainly worked with the client, so there was a lot of Trial and Error going on, which i feel turned out to our disadvantage because we weren’t given much room to expand or experiment.
We were given a cabin on the top floor of the clients office and we operated from there.
Not knowing how to take orders, not knowing about having only 1 person from the clients side to be the decision maker, we had to re-touch many of our works.
Having no clue what-so-ever about making a Quotation.
Later we realise, most of the printers in India use ‘Corel Draw’ and know nothing about Illustrator!

On the whole this project was a learning experience for me, and i can say fruitful too, complimented with lots of sleepless nights.



  Universalkida wrote @

How good is the college though.

The website says very little about their achievements, past students etc

  Universalkida wrote @

And moreover i forgot to say………….CONGRATULATIONS, the campus looks superb

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